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Smile & Co. At The Landing

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If you have a tooth with decay or damage, a restoration can return your mouth to a healthy state. At Smile & Co. At The Landing in Des Moines, Washington, Amritpal Mattu, BDS, DDS, provides metal-free restorations to improve oral health. To learn more, schedule your restoration consultation today by calling the office or booking a visit online.

Restorations Q & A

What are restorations?

Restorations are dental technologies that improve the structure, health, and appearance of your teeth. They are useful if you have teeth that are:

  • Decayed
  • Damaged from a physical trauma
  • Misshapen
  • Aesthetically displeasing
  • Missing 

Smile & Co. At The Landing is dedicated to providing safe and advanced dental care. In keeping with this treatment philosophy, they are a metal-free practice that offers better alternatives to silver amalgam and other traditional restorations.

What types of restorations do you offer?

Smile & Co. At The Landing can address a range of dental needs with a variety of restorations, including: 


Fillings are an excellent solution for treating cavities. A cavity is a hole in your tooth caused by tooth decay. When you get a filling, your dentist removes the decayed material, then fills the hole with a special material.

As a metal-free practice, Smile & Co. At The Landing uses a special restorative material made from a resin composite and free of Bis-GMA. This resin is shade-matched to the color of your enamel so it blends in perfectly with your smile.


A crown is a prosthetic cap sealed on top of your tooth to restore damage or decay. Your dentist can also use a crown to cover a misshapen tooth or to reinforce the structure of your tooth after a root canal.


A bridge is a restoration that replaces a missing tooth. It’s made with crowns sealed to abutment teeth (the teeth adjacent to your missing tooth) and hold in place an artificial tooth, called a pontic.

What happens when I get a restoration?

With a restoration, your dentist has to first prepare your tooth. In the case of a filling, this involves removing decay. 

If you’re getting a crown, your dentist prepares your tooth by removing a layer of enamel, enabling the crown to fit over your tooth. For a bridge, your dentist removes enamel from your abutment teeth.

Once your tooth is prepared, your dentist fits the restoration. If you’re getting a filling, they fill the cavity with special filling material and let it harden. For crowns and bridges, they use a dental cement to permanently bond the restoration to your tooth.

Improve your smile today and schedule a restoration consultation with Smile & Co. At The Landing by calling the office or booking online.