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New Patient Exam

Smile & Co. At The Landing

Dentists, Cosmetic Dentists & Dental Implant Providers located in Renton, WA

If you’re looking for a new dentist, look no further than Smile & Co. At The Landing. Led by Amritpal Mattu, BDS, DDS, the team of providers offers compassionate and effective dental care for a healthy mouth and a beautiful smile. Get on the road to exceptional oral health today by scheduling a new patient exam. Call the office in Des Moines, Washington, or use the convenient online booking tool.

New Patient Exam Q & A

What is a new patient exam?

A new patient exam is the first step on your journey towards oral health excellence at Smile & Co. At The Landing. It’s an opportunity for the team to get to know you, build a rapport, and establish a baseline for your oral health care.

Smile & Co. At The Landing is dedicated to the lifelong health of its patients, so when you get your new patient exam, you know that you’re signing up for years of beautiful smiles and exceptional dental care.

What happens during a new patient exam?

Your new patient exam begins with a warm greeting at Smile & Co. At The Landing’s beautiful and modern office and consists of a multifaceted approach to collect your dental records.

Your dentist examines your oral health, which involves a visual assessment of your mouth and potentially X-rays. They’ll look for any issues, including:

  • Dental decay
  • Missing teeth
  • Periodontal health
  • Orthodontic concerns

The team also discusses the aesthetics of your smile and whether you’re satisfied with your current look. If you’re interested in improving the appearance of your smile, they’ll discuss their wide range of cosmetic dentistry procedures.

The team at Smile & Co. At The Landing goes above and beyond with their dental care, so your new patient exam also consists of thorough screenings for oral cancer and sleep apnea. 

Because good nutrition is one of the pillars of oral health, the team also provides you with nutritional counseling, as well. 

How often should I have a dental appointment?

The frequency of your dental visits is dependent on the state of your oral health. During your new patient exam, you discuss how often you need to come in for visits.

If you currently have a troubling oral health concern, like tooth decay or gum disease, you might need more frequent appointments. If your oral health is in good standing, you’ll probably only need to come in once every six months for a routine cleaning and checkup.

The team at Smile & Co. At The Landing looks forward to welcoming you to the dental family. Take the first step towards a healthier mouth today and schedule your new patient exam by calling the office or booking with the online tool.