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If you have a damaged or decayed tooth, a crown can restore your oral health and make your smile beautiful again. Amritpal Mattu, BDS, DDS, offers exceptional restorative services like crowns at Smile & Co. At The Landing in Des Moines, Washington. Schedule your crowns consultation today by calling the office or using the online tool, and learn more about what a crown can do for you.

Crowns Q & A

What are crowns?

A crown is a minimally invasive porcelain restoration that embraces your tooth structure to protect, reinforce, or replace damaged tooth material. Your dentist bonds an artificial cap to the top of your tooth, covering it above the gumline. 

Your crown is designed to look, feel, and function just like a natural tooth once it’s bonded to your mouth. Eventually, you won’t even notice that you have a crown––it will feel just like a natural part of your mouth.

What do crowns do?

Crowns are multi-purpose, and your dentist might suggest getting a crown to:

  • Replace large fillings
  • Provide protection for a tooth that’s fractured, cracked, or damaged
  • Restore a severely decayed tooth
  • Improve the appearance of a tooth

Your dentist can also use a crown in conjunction with a dental implant to replace a missing tooth.

What happens when I get a crown?

Getting a crown is an easy process that only requires a couple of visits to Smile & Co. At The Landing.

The goal of your first visit is to prepare your tooth for the crown and to take an impression of your mouth to design the crown. When your dentist prepares your tooth, they remove some of the enamel from it so that the crown can fit snugly over top and lay in line with the rest of your teeth.

Once your tooth is prepared, they use the latest computer-aided technology to take an impression of your mouth. An offsite lab uses this impression to design and fabricate your crown, creating a perfect fit accurate on the level of microns.

You wear a temporary crown for a couple of weeks while the lab makes your permanent restoration. When your permanent crown is ready, you come back for a second visit, and your dentist permanently bonds it to your tooth with dental cement.

How do I care for my crown?

One of the advantages of crowns is that they don’t require special care. If you brush twice a day, floss daily, and maintain regular cleanings and checkups with the team at Smile & Co. At The Landing, your crown should last for years.

To get started on your crown, schedule a consultation with Smile & Co. At The Landing today by calling the office or booking an appointment online.